I feel obliged as part of the hoary heritage of “Santiniketan Polytechnic” to pass on my unfeigned love, respect and gratitude to the teachers and the taught, those who make learning happen and those who learn respectively. Ours is an institute which is students’ minion. They learn in the digital classrooms and luxuriate in the sprawling campus. The hallowed academic ambience is the ripest fruit of a rare fusion of an updated curriculum, a trendsetting cluster of faculty members devoted to the upswing of the future engineers. We feel proud that our institute is committed to spawn a spate of promising professionals in the years to come. And here’s our dream … a dream of propagating a new philosophy of learning, a dream of building up the cornerstone of a majestic nation by pouring forth a galaxy of most efficient think tanks and workhands. Once again I cordially thank all my brave hearts who have added hues of glory to the crown of the institute. Thanks are due also to those honorable parents and guardians who felt convinced and inspired their wards to enroll with us. Finally, I convey a huge quantum of my warmest wishes to all those who are hell-bent to turn our tiny baby-step into the giant leap of humanity. Let me admit with candor that today we are what we are all because of you. Wish you all a luminous future, dear students.

Abdus Samad
Santiniketan Polytechnic
& Secretary
National School of Management Studies-Durgapur Chapter